The Dartel Woods

On the west coast of The Fair Lands lies the small forest known as The Dartel Woods. The Dartel Woods are commonly known for two landmarks: One of the largest known Dominion Trees and the native tangling, vine-like, trees commonly known as Dartel Smokewood.

Locals refer to Dartel Smokewood as Tanglewood and rumors of Elves singing the trees into fortifications persist. The white, ropey, trees grow horizontally in great snarls and, in thicker patches, make traversing them impossible.

The commonly known name Dartel Smokewood hearkens back to the ancient minotaur invasions. The Minotaur leaders considered the Dominion Tree in The Dartel Woods a high priority target and upon arriving on the Dartel Woods shores, the minotaur army set fire to the forest, in an effort to make roads. Unfortunately, for the minotaurs the wood does not burn easily and instead smolders and releases billows of white smoke. Between the very forest working against the minotaurs and the fierce Elven and Druid resistance, The Dartel Woods were never taken. Today, the smoky smell of burned wood still rides on the coastal winds.

At the heart of The Dartel Woods lies one of the oldest and largest known Dominion Trees. The Dominion Trees are a gigantic form of Camphor tree which serve as a center for druidic teachings and culture. Before recorded history, druids would pass along their knowledge to each other through carvings made into the trunk of a Dominion Tree. As the trees grew and the knowledge accumulated, the Dominion Trees became libraries of druidic teachings. Camps and communities cropped up around the trees. The Dominion Tree in The Dartel Woods is surrounded by scaffolding; the carvings studied day and night by druids from all over the world; the trees needs are met by an army of druid caretakers. The older knowledge is high amongst the branches and younger members of the community are employed as “Tree Runners” making rubbings for the older druids. The tree is secure with several protection spells.

The Dartel Woods

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