History of Crescent Falls

Five hundred years ago the town of Crescent Falls was more of a sprawling city than the small fishing township it is today. Across the Faetorn Seas there are three major nations, all of which were in a state of open war with the Kingdom of Crescent Falls. The nations are the kingdoms of Sodray, Koangen and Taosis. Their eventual greed brought them together, or so legends say.

Early on the city of Crescent Falls was the capitol to the Fair Lands. The Fair Lands spread the entire length of the Crystal Mountain Range, beyond the bounds of the Star Glenn Forest and to the far edge of the grassy knolls of the Far Stride Hills beyond the forest.

It was rumored that the Fair Lands were kept “fair” through the magic of the Citadel’s Magi. The Citadel was the heart of the Kingdom of Crescent Falls and was built into the mountains facing the Faetorn Seas. The mountains, due to their height, have waterfalls year round and in great abundance. Many of the falls on the side of the mountain in which the Citadel was built were shaped and directed into crescent shaped paths which is where the name of the Kingdom stems.

During the open war, also known as the Great War of the Four Kingdoms, the Sodray, Koangen and Taosis forces had finally made their great push towards Crescent Falls. When it became clear that they would not prevail, the Magi gathered and conspired to prevent the Kingdom’s treasures and secrets from falling into the hands of the enemy.

The protections they put into place to keep the Fair Lands “fair” were dropped. The Citadel, and it’s rumored the area now known as the ruins as well, were cursed. Finally with their remaining power they raised the sea and angered the earth in retaliation. The sea engulfed the ruins, the outskirts of the city that make up the town today and entirety the invading fleets. The earth trembled and it is said the halls of the Citadel were filled with the molten rock of the angered earth.

In the years that followed, the lands began to return to nature. Those further inland, such as the dwellers of the far side of the Star Glenn Forest and the Far Stride Hills learned to be self sufficient without the aid and protection of the Kingdom. The Star Glenn Forest has also grown darker, but at least it’s danger only stems from it’s inhabitants and not from any supernatural curse.

There were survivors of course, there always are, and they set out to rebuild some semblance of life in the wake of the devastation. There were just too many natural resources here to not try again. They began to rebuild near the docks and what used to be the outskirts of town. This is now the township of Crescent Falls or what is left of it.

So much blood and money was spent by the enemies of Kingdom that some felt it a worthwhile venture to attempt to claim any remaining spoils of war. When they showed up, the survivors were mostly ignored as they were deemed to not be a threat. Over the next several decades, anything that was left of value is presumed to be stolen, lost or destroyed.

Many who made the climb to the Citadel were never seen again. The curse was blamed for that. Likewise those who lingered too long in the ruins were said to fall sick for twice as long as they spent pilfering. So the ruins also fell into isolation. These great monuments of a time gone by, seen from so close, but not to be visited, are the source of so many legends and tales of mystery and power.

80 years ago a small group of mediators came from across the sea. It is said they are from lands beyond even the those of the Sodray, Koangen and the Taosis. They call themselves monks and state that they aren’t interested in the gold and wealth that so many seek when coming to the township of Crescent Falls, but rather are here to watch and keep the balance; whatever that may mean. There are no more than a dozen in total but even with only their own they’ve built a small monastery between the ruins and the township and they help out from time to time when asked.


History of Crescent Falls

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