History of Sodray

The Kingdom of Sodray is a desert nation across the Faetorn Sea and they are the closest of the ancient enemies of the Kingdom of Crescent Falls. The Sodray still thrive but were fairly decimated by the final acts of the Great War of Four Nations. Many of Sodray’s strongest leaders and heirs were present at the battle and subsequently were destroyed in the flood and unleashing of power by the Magi of Crescent Falls.

Today, as it was then, Sodray’s wealthy leaders keep many slaves and it’s people worship many varied gods. Sodray is also known, frighteningly enough, for their specialty in necromancy. Warlords of the Sodray are often known to march alongside and command battalions of the undead. For this they are feared in the known world.

Despite their fearsome nature, many who come to live and are born in the nation of Sodray, live wealthy and educated lives. Due to the unrelenting heat of their lands, the Sodray are also known for their vast underground cities. This both increases their dominance of their lands as well as provides sanctuary for the overheated and sudden attack from below to their enemies.

Finally the Sodray are known for their navy. While the battle with Crescent Falls was fought between four nations, only the navies of Crescent Falls and the Sodray were really seen on the open water. Unlike the modern township of Crescent Falls, the Sodray still maintain their dominance on the sea.

They were the first to send more troops after the culmination of the war, but they also found their countrymen to be the most afflicted with the curses and latent magic left in the wake of the Magi of Crescent Falls. Despite that they should be the most capable of capturing what was left of the Fair Lands, the Sodray were the firs to realize that it was a poor investment.


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